Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed the Frequently Asked Questions Page to help our patients navigate through the system and to provide the necessary information to enable our patients to have a pleasant and productive experience with our clinic. 

If a question has not been addressed in the FAQ section, please email with your question. 

What are the hours of the TCWU?
The clinic has administrative hours which means there is a nurse on site but no physician. We are open for phone calls, new patient assessments, medication pick up, etc. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 8:00am-4:00pm. 

To see our detailed medical clinic hours, please refer to our website HOME page. 


How old do you have to be to be a patient at the clinic?
You  must be between the ages of 18 & 64
Can I reside OUTSIDE of Tuscarawas County and still come to TCWU for services?
NO, you must live in Tuscarawas County to be a patient at TCWU
Do I have to be employed to become a patient at TCWU?
Yes, you need to have at least a part time job and MUST be able to provide valid up-to-date pay stubs that show your hours and rate of pay. All patients are required to provide 4 paystubs at every medical appointment. 

We also require that you provide your annual tax return.

What if I have a costly insurance plan OR I have Medicaid. Am I eligible for services at TCWU?
If this applies to you, please contact the clinic for more information. 330-364-1853
What if I have a medical question for a medical staff member, is there someone available? 
YES, we have a nurse employed FULL TIME at the clinic. She is available by phone Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00am-4pm. If she is with another patient, you may leave a message for her at 330-364-1853 ext. 204
Do you prescribe medication for anxiety, depression, pain?
NO, we do not prescribe ANY medication considered a controlled substance or psychotropic medication.
How much does it cost to be a patient at TCWU?
There is NO CHARGE FOR SERVICES at TCWU. We do kindly ask for donations to help with the cost of medical supplies, equipment, and office supplies. All donations are accepted at check out. 
Does TCWU offer DENTAL SERVICES to their patients?
Yes, the clinic provides limited Dental services to clinic patients in partnership with Dr. James Karlowicz and Dr. Carrie Hawk.  A dental referral will be made by the physician if necessary.  The patient will be evaluated by the dentist for approval of needed services.

We do not cover any dentures, root canals or cosmetic work 

There are other dental services that ANYONE can become affiliated with:

Community Family Health Center – 330-365-1781

Mercy Dental Services – 330-471-5950

Dental Options 1-888-765-6789

I am interested in volunteering at the clinic – What is available?
The clinic is always looking for physician & nurse (MA, LPN, RN) volunteers as well as front desk volunteers. If you are interested in either position, you need to contact the clinic at 330-364-1853 and set up an interview. All approved applicants will need to provide a copy of their medical/nursing license and complete a scheduled training shift. If the volunteer applicant and TCWU feel that the partnership is a well matched one, the volunteer will be given available volunteer hours to choose from.
What do I need to bring on my first appointment?
You will need to provide the following documentation on your first appointment or you will not be accepted as a new patient:

1. last 4 pay stubs

2. last years annual tax return

3. copy of a utility bill with your name and current address

4. drivers license and social security card

5. previous medical records from your last physicians office

6. any x-rays including mammography, lab reports, current medications should be given to the nurse


How do I know if I am eligible for services at TCWU?
You will need to call the office 330-364-1853 between 8am-4pm Monday-Thursday and answer questions to be assessed for services. If you are eligible, you will be scheduled an appointment. You  must bring the required documentation to your first appointment.