The Tuscarawas Clinic for the Working Uninsured is a non-profit organization focused on delivering primary care services to promote health and wellness to the working uninsured and underserved individuals residing in Tuscarawas County; who are at or below 199% of the federal poverty level. 

Board of Directors

Marge Jentes, President
Tara Preston, Vice President
Pat Warther, Secretary
Jillian Carpenter, Treasurer
Paul McFadden, MD
Kristin Zemis
Jennifer Miller
Jason Bambeck
Tiffany Foxx
Erin Deeds
Carrie Hawk
Tracia Wellman
Holly Hillyer
Will McEwan

Executive Director

Clinic Coordinator

Tina Grasselli LPN


 Alison Laughlin

Physicians / 

Physician Extenders

Dr. Brenda Prince
Carrie Meiler PA-C
Ryan Wells, C-NP
Joe Oliver CNP
Gina Amos CNP

Medical Director

Dr. Paul McFadden

Our Volunteers

The clinic has a variety of volunteers including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers and others who help with clinic operations and fundraising.

 Specialty doctor/group
General Surgeon